Two Part Process

Red4 Simulations works with you using a two part process:

  • Pre-project Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Project Plan Execution

Our process assures the custom simulation we create meets your needs and requirements within your budget and time constraints.

Pre-Project Steps

 = Deliverables

 = Decision Point

1. Complete Non-Disclosure Agreement
2. Discuss general needs with client (overview, timeline, etc.)
3. Review functional requirements and design specifications for device
4. Review Simulation implementation plan
5. Identify Simulation approach and options
6. Provide Simulation proposal
7. Discuss proposed options and make decisions on best option
8. Prepare Scope of Work
9. Review Scope of Work with client Project Manager and finalize agreement for Simulation support

Project Steps

 = Deliverables

 = Decision Point

1. Hold project kick-off session, confirm schedule and roles/responsibilities
2. Prepare Framework customization/adaptation high-level specifications (optional – depends on specific project needs)
3. Prepare Module customization specifications (optional – depends on specific project needs)
4. Prepare specifications for simulation testing and determine whether application will run locally or online, as well as database connectivity needs if necessary
5. Prepare Red4 component modification/development high-level specifications (optional – depends on specific project needs)
6. Develop Simulation specifications document (includes detailed specifications for Framework modifications, component modifications/development & module customization)
7. Review Simulation specifications document with client Project Manager, revise as needed

Go/No-Go Decision Point

8. Convert graphics from client into required Simulation visual format
9. Create Simulation (Alpha version) and test
10. If necessary, work with client to install new database or integrate into existing database
11. Review Simulation (Alpha version); Test; Prepare change item list
12. Refine and modify Simulation (Beta version)
13. Review and test Beta version of Simulation with sample user group; Prepare changes list
14. Finalize Simulation and package for client environment
15. Client training on Simulation and accessing data (optional)
16. Installation support (optional)